Pick A Bale, Chattahoochie, Skinny Genes, My Girl Sally, Broken Heart, Irish Stew, Wobble, Devil In Disguise, Bosa Nova, Indian Sound, Circle Twenty, Electric Slide, Clap Your Hands, Enjoy The Life, Cotton Eye Joe Mixer, Red Hot Salsa, Dueling Dancer, Sweet Heidi, Spanish Lady, Coastin, Get Down (Sobrielo Philip Gene), Reflection, Beer For My Horses, Black Coffee, I wanna marry you, The Blarney Roses, Leave it to you, Cumbia Semana, Going Back West, Somewhere, Ridin`, Mean, Summer Fly, AB Party, Oh Suzannah, Go Cat Go, Gone To Kentucky, Lover Boy, Mama Loo, Baby Chick, Leaving of Liverpool, Friend for ten, Mamma Maria, Fall in Love, Crazy Happy, Borriquito, Ho Hey, Sugar and Pie, Budapest, American Kids, Runaway, Ticket to the blues, Hillbilly Girl, Do little do, The Galway Gathering, Uptown Funky, All in my head, Hot Love, Go Shanty, Future Husband, Oh Behave, Aqua y Fuego, No Mercy, Scheißtanz,u.v.m.



Moves Like Jagger, Shotgun House, Rock Paper Scissors, Von Allein, Chill Factor, Watch Me Now, Beer For My Horses, Don`t Gimme That, Hot Tamales, The Gambler, Whiskys Gone, Islands In The Stream, Millies Tip, El Ritmo Bomba, White Rose, Country Strong, Love Comes Around, Move A Little In The Right Direction, Mary Mary, Sheriff On Fire, Gambling Man, Splish Splash, Half Past Nothing, Tinka Belle, Timber, Loslappie, Amame, Silver Lining, Not Fair, Askin`Questions, We are tonight, Obsesion, Fly High, Rainmaker, A little bit Gypsy, Booze Cruise, You can stay, Blurred Lines, Raspberry, Times to come, Raggle Taggle Gypsy O, Forgive you, Angel in blue jeans, Can`t say no, Tresspassing, Shake it, Walk alone, Sinner, Cheerio, Hit the road Jack, Celtic Heartbeat, Bussang Chicken Rap, Greater than me, Pontoon, Mucho Amor,Stitches, Every Breath You Take, Lover, Lover, Avenir, Lockins Bar, Ellas waltz, Hey Hey Hallelujah, The Queen, So Just Dance, Dance,Dance, Tell The World, Ibiza, Hör auf dein Herz, What you Want,Close To You, Your Time Will Come u.v.m.




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